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Product Description

Sourced from the northern coast of Australia, these green-shelled beauties have a mild flavor that is sure to delight. Sold as a pair or individually, these tails are perfect for both a romantic dinner for two or a casual weeknight treat. For a quick meal that feels extra special, try grilling, broiling or steaming, then serving with melted butter.

Each tail weighs between 4-5 oz.

lobster tails

Experience the Ocean, Delivered to your Door

At Get Maine Lobster, we create the modern culinary adventures that bring the allure of the ocean right to your door. We know that the freshest seafood deserves to be much more than a meal…it should be an experience. From meaty, deep-water Maine lobsters to sweet diver scallops and wild-caught salmon, we ship them all with the tools of the trade and personal touches that turn eating into an event. So reward your passion for premium seafood and experience the ocean, delivered to your door.

GML (Get Maine Lobster) knows that traceability and sustainability are important to preserving Maine lobster. By protecting the Maine lobster resource today, we ensure that future generations can enjoy its delicious flavor. Rest assured that our Maine lobster is of the highest quality, from a well-managed, sustainable fishery.

Additionally, the Maine lobster industry is a well-managed fishery—ensuring that both the Maine lobster resource and the coastal marine environment are protected. You can count on us to support all efforts and organizations committed to preserving the sustainability of Maine lobster.

Many regulations have been put in place. The Maine Lobster Council ensures the health of the lobster resource, including:

  • Tail Notching: Female lobsters with visible eggs cannot be harvested. Before releasing a female lobster, the harvester notches its tail to identify it as a good breeder, thus protecting it from being harvested.
  • Minimum Size Limit: Size requirements for harvesting enable juvenile lobsters the chance to mature and reproduce before they’re harvested.
  • Maximum Size Limit: Maximum size limits protect the stock of large, healthy breeding lobsters.
  • Apprentice Program: New harvesters apprentice with veterans to learn sustainable harvesting practices.
  • Trap Limits: Individual harvesters are limited to a certain number of traps by state and local regulations.
  • Harvest Method: Lobster harvesting in Maine is performed by trap only—no diving or dragging of the ocean floor is allowed. Traps include escape vents for juvenile lobsters and biodegradable escape hatches to free lobsters in lost traps.
  • Lobster Seed Fund: Supported by licensing fees, the fund purchases females that extrude their eggs after being harvested. This buy-back program helps ensure that good breeding lobsters are returned to the ocean to reproduce.


Lobster tail

How to Freeze Maine Lobster

Properly prepared, Maine lobster will keep frozen for 9-12 months. Here are instructions for freezing Maine lobster.


  1. Lobsters should be chilled and live.
  2. Blanch lobsters in rapidly boiling salted water for 60 seconds. Use 1 tbsp of salt for every liter/quart of water.
  3. Chill blanched lobster in an ice water bath.
  4. Following a 15-20 minute chill, pat the lobster dry to remove excess water.
  5. Place lobster in freezer or vacuum bags, removing as much air as possible (Ziploc vacuum bag systems available at supermarkets work well.)
  6. If not using vacuum bags, place in a second freezer bag or wrap with freezer wrap.
  7. Freeze at -18 C◦ (0 F◦), which standard for home freezers. If possible, freeze at a lower temperature to maintain the quality of the meat.
  8. Thawing directions: Frozen lobsters should be thawed overnight in the refrigerator.
  9. Thawed lobsters should be boiled in salted water 12-15 minutes, until cooked.


crack a lobster

How To Crack a Lobster


  1. Twist off the claws.
  2. Crack each claw and knuckle with a lobster or nut cracker (although you can also do this by hand). Remove the meat with that tiny fork or with your fingers.
  3. Separate the tail from the body and break off the tail flippers. Extract the meat from each flipper.
  4. Insert a fork and push the tail meat out in one piece. Remove and discard the black vein that runs the entire length of the tail meat.
  5. Separate the shell of the body from the underside by pulling them apart. Discard the green substance called the tomalley.
  6. Open the underside of the body by cracking it apart in the middle, with the small walking legs on either side. Extract the meat from the leg joints and the legs themselves by biting down on the leg and squeezing the meat out with your teeth.
  7. Wash those briny hands, enjoy the feeling of pride… and get another lobster. You deserve it.



Award Winning Lobster Tips & Tricks

1.Boil Bold not Bland

When you boil lobster you do not want your water to be just…well….water. First, make the water as salty as the sea the lobster came out of. This is a method of seasoning that will bring out the natural brininess of lobster. Secondly, make your water essentially a flavorful tea by adding in fennel seeds, white peppercorns, celery salt, smashed garlic cloves and/or fresh herbs. The flavor of your water will be subtly absorbed by the lobster meat as it cooks.

2. Eat with your Eyes

Granted there is nothing wrong with a perfectly cooked whole lobster on a plate but a little extra color can help not only visually but flavorwise as well. When creating your work of culinary artistry make sure to add in greens. Be it basil oil, chopped fresh herbs or avocado. The best fresh herbs to pair with lobster are dill, tarragon, parsley, and chives.

3. Spice things up a bit

Sweet and heat go together like a “Mainer” and Lobster. Lobster is naturally sweet in flavor and it is always a sound culinary move to contrast the sweetness with a little spice. Cayenne pepper or smoked paprika used sparingly will elevate any lobster dish. Do not go overboard, you want it to be lobster with a hint of spice rather than spice with a hint of lobster.

4. Get Saucy

Lobster and melted butter go together as well as peanut butter and jelly. One thing you can do though is make your butter even better. When melting the butter add in a little fresh lemon juice, dash of cayenne pepper, minced garlic and freshly chopped dill. You will find yourself strangely wondering if you even need lobster to be enjoying the butter. Hint, you do, you do not want to be eating straight butter no matter how delicious it is.


How To Cook Lobster Tails at Home


  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees
  • Using a sharp, heavy chef’s knife, allow the lobster meat to sit on top of its shell by cutting all but a small amount of the meat out of the shell, lifting it up, and placing it on top. Be careful not to cut the shell the entire length. To do this, leave the tail flap and one inch above the shell intact.
  • Separate all of the meat from the shell, except for the intact area at the tail
  • Close the shell under the meat, allowing the meat to rest on top of it
  • Season the tail any way you like it. You can use butter or olive oil, or even lemon and dill
  • Cook the lobster tails 1 ½ minutes for every ounce of meat. This converts to eight ounces for 12 minutes, 10 ounces for 15 minutes, and 12 ounces for 18 minutes at 375 degrees



  • Set the grill to medium heat. If using charcoal, scatter the coals to create one area of intense heat and one cooler area
  • Brush the lobster tails with olive oil or butter. You can also season with your favorite flavorings, such as lemon, minced garlic, salt, pepper, etc.
  • First, with the meat side down, grill for three to five minutes. Flip tail over for another three to five minutes, being sure to remove the tail from any open flames to prevent burning. The lobster tails are done when the meat becomes opaque, or eat plain!



  • Use six to eight cups of salted boiling water for every four lobster tails
  • Place lobster tails into boiling water and turn temperature down to a simmer
  • Cook one minute for every one ounce of lobster meat. So, if you have four 10-ounce lobster tails in the pot, cook for 10 minutes


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    🔥Hot Sale🔥Maine Lobster Tails(4-5 oz)
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